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Keyphrase Extraction from Persian Documents Using Neural Networks
1 Seyyede Fateme Paymard 2 Dr.Seyyed Javad Mirabedini 3 Dr.Ali Haroonabadi
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Two dimensional medical images compression by using wavelet transformation and SPIHT method
1 Zeinab Asaadi 2 Mehdi Sadeghzade 3 Mohmmad Ali SHarifisersht
    Full Text
Provide a new approach to optimize clustering and to select of cluster heads in mobile wireless sensor networks
Somayeh Baharvandi Ahmadi
    Full Text
WENO Scheme with Subcell Resolution for Computing Nonconservative Euler Equations with Applications to One-Dimensional Compressible Two-Medium Flows
1 Tao Xiong , 2 Chi-Wang Shu
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