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Simulations of Supersonic Astrophysical Jets and Their Environments Using Level Set Methods
Youngsoo Ha, Chang Ho Kim, Myungjoo Kang
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Providing an efficient algorithm to improve the accuracy of credit risk fore casting of bank customers using a combination of data mining and machine learning techniques
Morteza Karami Asl , Mohammad Bagher keley , Hassan Pirzaman
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Providing a New Approach to Improve the Accuracy of Intrusion Detection in Network using Fuzzy and Evolutionary Algorithm
Hassan pirzaman , Mohammad Bagher Keley , Morteza Karami Asl
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Improving of TCP throughput in mobile networks
Nemat allah Mottaki,Amin Halakoo
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Propose new method for alert corroletion recived from IDS based on machine learningand neural networks
Shahin GholamhossienFam ,Ali Ghaffari
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