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Presentation of a New Approach to the Classification of WebPages Using Users Behavior Analysis by the Ant Algorithm
Razieh Safari
    Full Text
Tracking soccer players during a football match
Leila ajam,Mehdi hakimi,reza ranjbar
    Full Text
Frame aggregation method based on voice quality in VoIP
Hadis al-Sadat Hosseini,Vahid Sattari Naein,Hamid mirvaziri
    Full Text
Parallel Domain Decomposition Methods with Mixed Order Discretization for Fully Implicit Solution of Tracer Transport Problems on the Cubed-Sphere
Haijian Yang, Chao Yang,and Xiao-Chuan Cai
    Full Text
Timed Automata for Workflow Modeling and Analysis
Afsoon Soltani
    Full Text
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