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Attitude and Self-Confidence in Mathematics Mathematics Academic Achievements and Motivation,
Limingzhen Slavin Robert
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Setting Situations and Posing Problems for Student
Xiaobing Yang, Wang Kan
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Numerical studies of two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Waveguides and Filters
Shahrbanoo Ghorbanzadeh
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Using Multimedia to Teach Multimedia in Computer Engineering Classes
Wayne Burleson
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Treated Wood – “The Electric Utility’s Material of Choice”
Dennis Hayward
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Amy Chadwick, Tamara Lamia, Jesse Zaro-Moore
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Hazard Identification Vulnerability Analysis
Khalid Kahn, Jane Gamble, Eric McConaghy, Colleen Whitten Srull
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Limits of conventional architecture practice in Vancouver.
Gregory Henriquez
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