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Dynamics of aerosol size during inhalation: Hygroscopic growth of commercial nebulizer formulations
Allen E. Haddrell
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Credit risk assessment model for Jordanian commercial banks: Neural scoring approach
1 soheyla khademi asl, 2Elahe Fanaiie
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Studying the role of size of company and financing by borrowing in the relationship between corporate social responsibility disclosure and the cost of equity capital in Tehran Stock Exchange
Khadijeh Iri1, Mansour Garkaz2*
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The relationship between state ownership, effective tax rate and earning management for comparative big and small industries in listed companies in Tehran stock exchange
Safieh Kasalkheh1, Mansour Garkaz2*
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The relationship between organizational health and organizational justice with organizational commitment among the employees of Islamic Azad University of Aliabad
1 Yaghoob saboori , 2davoud sharafi zadeh
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